• Abu Phampi

    Abu is the GoPro Ambassador in the Middle East who loves SUP, wing foiling and also desert driving. Being a sports enthusiast, he captures and shares incredible moments with his family and friends.

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  • Sally 莎莉


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  • AV 許綽婷

    AV是一名擁有甜美既聲線/又懂說台語的旅遊節目主持人。其個人影片頻道《AV IN TAIWAN》記錄了「在台港妹」的日常點滴,而且全部影片都是親自拍攝、剪接及後製。

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  • 暴力

    暴力,一個擁有超過50,000訂閱的YouTuber。她YouTube頻道一開始以分享旅行Vlog 為主,後來因為本身職業和興趣關係,開始拍攝與影像器材有關的開箱評測影片。

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  • Andy Kong

    江俊賢,為香港旅遊部落客、商業影片導演、自由媒體工作者、擔任GOtrip前記者及主持等,並曾因其台灣環島影片贏得「台灣旅行無攝限」大賽大獎,贏取環遊世界機票。製作內容常見於 Facebook、YouTube、Instagram,並擁有個人影片創作平台「Andy X 明宗 — 我們的環遊世界夢」 。他亦任香港兩位的GoPro香港區大使之一,曾與不同國家旅遊局或觀光局合作,為不同機構拍攝或剪輯形象影片。

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  • Johnny Lo



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  • 港仔ANDY Lo

    Andy曾於英華書院任教 2018-21 學生大使影片製作班導師。現為商業影片導演、跨媒體行銷策劃主管、前蘋果日報副刊台灣特派記者、自
    由媒體工作者、旅遊博客、咖啡廳負責人及講師。製作內容常見於 Facebook、YouTube、 Instagram ,並擁有個人影片創作平台「港仔Andy|步遊台灣」 。何卓謙更不時與不同單位合作,包括臺灣觀光局、台北市政府觀光傳播局、桃園市政府觀光旅遊局、阿里山風景管理區、星夢郵輪、中華航空、華信航空等。

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  • Albert Sung - Street Photographer

    Abu is a really really good teacher. Teach us the knowledge and skills about GoPro. Improve me to use it. Thanks a lot!

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  • Ranee Ho - Design Student

    Sally is a great instructor, she encourages us a lot to share feelings from the exercises freely. She makes conceptual ideas much more specific and I get to know myself more after the workshop, like what kind of jobs are more suitable to me and elements that bring me happiness in life. I really like the workshop!

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  • Jacky Mak - Software Engineer

    The 3 hours with AV 許綽婷 was well spent to get my ways around Taiwan before departing to it. She taught us professionally what local apps are needed so we could save time and enjoy more while travelling in Taiwan. Her feedback to my travel itinerary in Taiwan also helps me to structure my days and make the most of my trip!

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