About Creato

1. What is Creato?

Creato is a live-learning hub offering courses to individuals and teams to enhance skills and knowledge in content creation.

At Creato, you will get to meet and learn from expert creators from different walks of creative expertise in different continents.

2. Is Creato suitable for me?

Creato focuses on building an education hub of creating content in the creator economy.

If you are looking to grow your skills and knowledge in creating content, or directly learning from expert creators in real-time without geographical limitations, it’s very likely that Creato would be able to meet your needs. 

By all means, you are very welcome to enjoy our content on various social channels as part of your learning routine. It’s always our honour that we can be part of your learning journey in content creation!

3. How is Creato different from existing online learning offerings?

We believe different learning paths lead to more or less the same destination when it comes to e-learning, and we choose to focus on live-learning nature for several reasons.

  • Real-time interactivity is the best way to learn, apply and transform. 

  • Community is what drives and connects everyone closer together to learn and grow, and achieve respective learning goals.

  • No geographical barriers - a designated time and date with a virtual venue, we increase access and opportunities for learners to learn from expert creators all over the world.

We are working on bringing out the best elements from the way traditional education and pre-recorded video learnings operate, and thus live-learning courses that offer real-time interaction with an inclusive community, and without any locational limitation would be the sustainable future of online learning. 

Live-learning Courses

1. How to choose a suitable course?

Every course and course creator is different.

We would suggest you find a topic that you are most interested in at certain point of time, or the skills or knowledge that you desire to learn from a particular creator. 

Most courses run on designated dates only, therefore if you happen to be unable to join the course because of the time and date. Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can try to work around your and the creator's schedule. In some cases, private session might also be available.

2. How do I attend the courses?

Most of our live-learning courses run virtually, if not all. Each course would be at least 2 sessions with 1 to 3 weeks apart. Therefore, you will attend the courses virtually via a private venue and you will be informed about the instruction to join after enrolling the course.

3. What should I prepare before attending the course?

Enthusiasm is all we need in learning and growing. 🙂

We usually send out course details and materials from 1 week prior to the 1st session of the course. You are highly encouraged to go through the materials and prepare some questions to ask or discuss during the course. 

There is never a stupid question - bear in mind that if you have a particular question in mind, it is very likely that someone else has also the same or similar question. Just ask and get it sorted, that’s always part of the learning process and how we grow.

4. What if I enrolled and cannot join the course later on?

You will not want to miss the live sessions, because a lot of the magic happens in small group sessions when you practice what you’ve just learned. We cover a lot of ground quickly so please make every effort to attend the classes in real-time. 

In any case, if you happen to be unable to join the course with the upcoming time and date, please contact us as soon as you can, we will try our best to enrol you in the next cohort. 

Rest assured that all sessions would be recorded and made available to you afterwards, you can always catch up later on.

5. How long do we have access to the course materials?

You have access to the course materials FOREVER. This includes all resources and live sessions related to the course that you've enrolled.


1. Are there any other payment methods to place my order?

Other than the usual digital payment methods that you see e.g. Visa / Mastercard / ApplePay / GooglePay etc, we also accept bank transfer or local Hong Kong method i.e. FPS, Payme.

2. How can I arrange payment via bank transfer?

Select “Bank deposit” for payment method when you checkout. The bank details will be displayed for your further handling via bank transfer.

Please contact us via Whatsapp +852 6821 5494 or email at hello@creatogether.app after arranging payment to us.

3. How can I arrange payment via FPS / Payme?

FPS payment ID: 100134980

Payme’s PayCode:

Creato Payme

Please contact us via Whatsapp +852 6821 5494 or email at hello@creatogether.app after arranging payment to us. We will then send you payment confirmation for the purchase.

4. What is the refund policy?

Every circumstance is different and we do handle it case by case and do our best to accommodate every customer’s request.

If a refund has been agreed, we will issue a full refund minus the payment processing fees involved in the transaction.

5. How long does it take to get my refund?

Generally it takes 2-3 weeks to process the refund back to your designated bank  accounts.

More Questions

You are welcome to chat with us directly for any concerns or issues. We are here to help :)

Please Whatsapp our team at +852 6821 5494 or email us at hello@creatogether.app and we will get back to you as soon as we can! :)

Happy live-learning! 🧳