Get reimbursed from your employer for attending Live-learning Courses at Creato!

Wondering news: A lot of companies offer an L&D or educational budget for reimbursement. We provide a few ways to help you get your courses reimbursed.



After you enrolled in the course, you will receive an invoice for your course purchase. You can forward this invoice directly to your employer for reimbursement.

Please reach out at if you need assistance to provide more information e.g. company name, address etc.

Certificate of completion

Once you complete a course, we will email you a certificate of completion that proves your attendance and completion of the course. You name, course details, and Creato’s official logo will be included on the certificate.

Here is a reference:

Creato certificate

Email template

If you require employer’s approval to enrol the course, we also provide a reimbursement template that you can use. Let your employer know that you are interested in a workshop that will improve your skills and knowledge at work.

You can highlight the course aligns with what you do at work, and the course will enhance your overall performance to help your company make or save money. The benefits of the course should be highlighted to your team, manager and employer.

For the email template, please contact us at whatsapp +852 6146 8385 or email at

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    For any query, please contact us at whatsapp +852 6146 8385 or email at