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Abu Phampi

GoPro Masterclass (Advanced)

GoPro Masterclass (Advanced)

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how other people capture such amazing action camera footage when they are doing water sports?

If so, you're not alone. But the good news is that with the 2-hour live-learning course offered by Abu Phampi - you can learn the skills and techniques you need to create professional-quality videos with action cameras that will WOW your audience. 

From the basics of action camera operation to advanced shooting techniques, we'll help you capture stunning visuals that will amaze your audience. You'll learn step-by-step to turn your raw footage into cinematic masterpieces. Join us today and elevate your action camera game to new heights!

|Course Content|

Key Outcomes

1. 【Photo/Video basics】Understand the basic concepts about photography and videography: resolutions, fps, ISO, field of view, etc.

2.  【Mounts and accessories】The power of mounting your camera, understanding the mount choice depending on your activity

3. 【Go-to settings】Abu Phampi's go-to settings for action videos or family/travel situations

4. 【Pro on-the-field tips】Battery life maximisation, quikc capture settings, keeping video length controlled, shortcuts, reset camera

5. 【Video project】Storyline and building blocks of the video, timings, locations, angle brainstorm and material selection

Course Schedule

1. [9/20] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

2. [9/27] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

3. [10/4] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

4. [10/11] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

5. [10/18] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

3. [10/25] 7-9:30pm (GMT +4)

2. Customized time

If you choose "Customized time", please include two preferred times and dates at checkout. So that Abu can arrange the schedule and we will contact you directly to confirm the exact time and date for the upcoming live-learning course.

Course Length

Single 2.5 hours lecture.

Delivery Language


Number of students per class

8-12 students

Target students

1. Beginners who are new to action camera 

2. Action camera users who want to improve their photography and videography skills

3. Outdoor enthusiasts that are interested in learning how to use action cameras to shoot high-quality videos and photos

4. Water sports enthusiasts who are looking for tips and tricks to capture themselves and create high-quality videos to share with others.


Course Overview

Lesson 1 - Action Camera Basics

➤ Types and features of action cameras
➤ Basic operation and settings of action cameras
➤ Best camera settings for different senarios
➤ How to shoot high-quality videos and photos

Lesson 2 - Advanced Techniques for Action Cameras

➤ Techniques for shooting specific scenes such as water sports and travel
➤ How to use accessories to capture your water sports action

Lesson 3 - Editing and Post-Production

➤ Organize and edit video footage
➤ Editing tips with your mobile phone
➤ Pick the right theme and music
➤ Improve your video quality and creative value?

| FAQ |

What is the format to attend this course?

  • We conduct this live-learning course with virtual classroom to enhance interaction and engagement, as well as to remove the geographical limitation of where everyone is based so that we can all connect together at the same time in virtual classroom.

What payment methods can I use to pay?

  • We accept most credit card payment, including VISA, Mastercard, AmericaExpress; as well as Paypal etc.   
  • If you prefer alternative payment methods, please contact us via

What is the refund policy?

  • We normally do not accept refund but to arrange the next cohort for you to join, if you happen to be unable to attend the enrolled course for some reasons. 

Can I access the learning materials after attending the course?

  • Once you enrolled into this course, you are entitled to access all the learning materials and live recordings forever. 

What happens if I cannot attend the course at last minute?

  • You would not want to miss the course. You learn the most in an interactive live-learning experience, with hands-on participation and feedback from your instructor and community. If you really do have to miss the class, you are entitled to access all course materials and recordings forever.

  • We would recommend you to join the next cohort to enjoy the learning community and interaction during live-learning sessions.

What is CREATO?

Creato is a live-learning platform for individuals and teams to connect with and learn from expert Creators all over the world. Our instructors are Creators who accumulated knowledge and skills from their respective expertise.

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